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Loot Flipping

Loot Flipping
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iPad™ (2nd Gen+)
iPhone™ (4S+)
iPod Touch™ (5G+)
- General release April 2013

If you are a precious metals trader or dealer, Loot Flipping is a much-needed resource to calculate scrap purchase values in invoice form and to determine if pieces are genuine.

The app contains these resources:

  1. A calculator for scrap pieces, supporting export of itemized receipts in several formats and methods.
  2. A list of relevant properties for common precious metals
  3. Acid test color charts for several metals (precious and non-precious), plus aqua regia, HCl, and stannous
  4. Descriptions of common and uncommon non-destructive tests for precious metals
  5. A gallery of hallmarks for genuine jewelry and bullion items
  6. A gallery of hallmarks for costume jewelry or plated items
  7. Quick spot price reference charts, courtesy of Kitco

In addition to the free version (Loot Flipping Lite), Loot Flipping Pro adds the following:

  1. Export receipts in several formats and by several methods
  2. No ad banner on the footer
  3. Costume hallmark gallery
  4. Both percentage and off-spot price calculations
  5. HCl and Stannous tests
  6. iMessage sticker pack of bullion coins