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Defense Dome
Defense Dome

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North America:
- General release September 2015

Europe, Oceania, South Africa:
- General release February 2016

Defense Dome is a throwback to classic arcade-style shooters of the 1990s. Target an onslaught of enemy missiles by using the Wii U GamePad as a zoomable, gyroscope-controlled scope, and launch countermeasures to defend your nation.

Defense Dome comes with 3 levels: Mountains (Tutorial mode), Hurricane (Timed mode, Blitz mode), and Port Town (Endurance mode, Blitz mode). Blitz mode includes the EMP bomb, which can wipe out all on-screen missiles at once.

Title screen Level 1 (tutorial mode) Level 1 (GamePad, tutorial mode) Level 2 (TV, blitz mode) Level 2 (blitz mode) Level 3 (TV, endurance mode)